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Race Homeworld Notes Paramount Notes Author's Notes
Aenar / Andorian moon of Andoria Blue-skinned and passionate Andorians and pacifist, telepathic, albino Aenar. Seen in Classic Trek, glimpsed in TNG but in Enterprise the Andorians have really come back into their own. Originally hostile against their neighbouring Vulcans. Now an established Federation race.
Arcturian Arcturia Cloned race. Glimpsed in ST:TMP.
Bajoran Bajor Ancient Alpha Quadrant race. Only a couple of traders ever encountered. Pre-Cardassian occupation. Rather backward at this time. Religion and art prevail with technology taking a back seat. This race will be annexed in 2328 by the Cardassians, although this is some way off and the Cardassians will be seen as assisting them from around 2309.
Betelgeusian Betelgeuse Flamboyant race. Glimpsed in ST: TMP.
Betazoid Betazed Telepathic race. Admitted to the Federation in 2273. Tal Reno will provide a more in-depth look at this race.
Bolian Bolarus IX Bifurcated blue race.
Caitian Cait Feline race. From the Animated Series. Federation President Sh'ghee is from this world.
Cardassian Cardassia Only a couple of examples ever seen. No date for first contact established. A political empire in growth. The Union will play a larger and larger role as the web series progresses.
Ch'ramaki Ch'ramak Klingonoid farmer race. Created by Adrian Jones for the Interim Years and introduced in ST: Grissom. This is a subjugated race which is exploited for their foodcrops and potential for gagh swamps. First people to attempt to break away from the Empire stardate 9702. Destined to be the Chechen/Palestinian/Afghan analogy of Star Trek.
Deltan Delta IV Empathic. Seen in ST: TMP and ST III on NX 2000. Lt Cmdr Ilani of U.S.S. Sheffield will provide a further look into this race.
El Aurian None Refugees. Established in ST: TNG. A race of listeners. Arrived as refugees on stardate 9715. This race has provided some information on the Borg threat, although this seems to be kept under wraps.
Gorn Gornar Reptilian Updated with the material from Strange New Worlds.
Grazerite Grazer Bovine race. Seen in DS9 as Federation President. Doctor Jobin A'ochak will explore this race.
Human Earth Mostly harmless. Race in the majority in the Federation.
Kinshaya Demon Rift Bat-like species. From John Ford novel "The Final Reflection". Holy Order of the Kinshaya, extrapolated on by Keith R A DiCandido. Al Qaeda, ISIS- style religious fundamentalists.
Klingon Qo'nos Warrior race. Currently at war with the Romulans. Moving towards peace after the Khitomer Accords of stardate 9529.
Kzinti Kzin Caitian cousins. Larry Niven creation, reimagined by Jimmy Diggs and Court Jones. Renamed by Cryptic for legal issues.
Metar None Subspace race. From ST: New Worlds.
Megarite Megarius Gilled humanoids. Glimpsed in ST: TMP.
ngej Unknown mRNA species.
Nimbosian Nimbus III Planet of Galactic Peace. Seen in ST V.
Nirophians Nirophia Theocratic humanoids. Created by Adrian Jones and Andrew Brown for Star Trek: The Interim Years and ST: Fearless.
Orion Orion Federation members with pirate factions. Seen in Classic Trek, the Animated Series and Enterprise.
Reman Remus Nosferatu-like. Established in Star Trek: Nemesis. Subject race that mines for dilithium and is used as cannon fodder in the Dominion War.
Rigelian Rigel V Patterned humanoids. Seen in Star Trek: Enterprise.
Rigellian Rigel III Terrapin-like humanoids. Glimpsed in ST:TMP.
Romulan Romulus Vulcan offshoot. Established in Classic Trek, played a major role in TNG, DS9 and latterly in Enterprise we'll see more about the earliest encounters. Up to 2311 this race will play a major role in the Interim Years.
Saurian Sauria Amphibian-like. Make excellent brandy. Glimpsed in ST:TMP. Flashbacks to Captain An'il'taya will provide an insight to this race.
Tellarite Tellar Porcine race. Seen in Classic Trek and to great advantage in Enterprise, esp. episodes like 'Babel One'.
Terajuni Terajun Klingonoid race. From Starfleet Command 2: Empires At War. The Captain Sulu missions. This is a subjugated race which is exploited for their minerals and potential for gagh swamps. First people to attempt to break away from the Empire stardate 9702. Destined to be the Chechen/Palestinian/Afghan analogy of Star Trek.
Tholian Tholia Occasionally hostile, very territorial. Seen in one episode of Classic Trek. Mentioned in TNG and DS9. Enterprise will start to flesh out this xenophobic race.
Trill Trillius Prime Joined species. An exploration of joined and unjoined Trill. Elements of LGBTQ+ and Disassociative Identity Disorder. Admitted to the Federation in 2285. Erika Tanis, the cadet communications and social sciences officer will provide a glimpse into unjoined Trill life.
Tzenkethi Ab-Tzenketh Official First Contact mission in 2312 failed under mysterious circumstances. Mentioned in DS9 "The Adversary".
Venturi Alpha Venturi Major Planet is dying as their star is shrinking. Despite being Federation members, some have resorted to piracy Glimpsed in Starfleet Academy.
Vulcans Vulcan Race centred around logic. Federation founder member. Lieutenant Savar will be amongst the Vulcans on the Sheffield, exploring this fascinating race.
Zaranite Zaranius Methane-breathers. Glimpsed in ST:TMP.
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