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September 2019.

In 1966, Star Trek had a diverse, human, crew with an 'outsider', Spock who'd talk about humanity from an independent view. Rick Berman brough the 'outsider' model to TNG with two crewmembers: the Klingon Worf and android, Data. DS9 had Quark, Jadzia, Kira and Odo, making it a much more representative cast. By Voyager we have Tuvok, Neelix and Kes (for three seasons) then Seven of Nine. Enterprise (pre-Federation) was back to a Vulcan, with recurring aliens. I want TIY to reflect the modern diverse world we live in. You wanlk down the street in Leeds, Sheffield or any other city and you'll see white, black, asian, Eastern European, straight, gay, bi and even trans. Modern UK (and other countries) is a culturally diverse place. We need to move on with relating to the person on Star Trek who's the same ethnicity or nationality as the viewer. Now it needs to be that the viewer relates to being the HUMAN, regrdless of race, colour, creed or nationality. To some degree, we'll also identify with the aliens. Each different in ther own looks, cultures and beliefs. And no more cultural stereotyping of alien species either. I want to feel the United Federation of Planets vibe from an INTERNATIONAL, MULTISPECIES perspective. Even Hawkins, the white, male captain isn't from Earth. He sees a holistic view of the Federation and tires of hearing about Earth all the time, like a stuck record. Here's to the new chapter in Star Trek!

The Bulleid page is updated with photos of 35018 British India Line and 34046 Braunton.

Click here for Scarborough, DRS Class 68 Nova 3 launch and NRM York Bank Holiday August 2019.

The United Federation of Planets page has been dusted down and Star Trek: Merchantman material added.

The U.S.S. Sheffield gets a new, diverse crew.

Hawkins ceases to be just the 'Klingon guy' as I flesh out his skills with exotic life. The Tholian page has been updated with details of Tholian psychology. Starfleet Academy page is to be expanded, the Montrose page is to be detailed.


New things on the website:-

Click here for Azuma and Mallard at the Press Launch at York Tuesday 30th July 2019.

Click here for DRS Kingmoor, 60163 Tornado and the Settle - Carlisle Railway. Saturday 20th July 2019.

The foreword page is updated with the Interim Years vision of the Star Trek Universe added.

The Star Trek Story Index page has the growing list of subseries for the Interim Years anthology.

First information on the Star Trek: The Six Pillars of Romulus on the Romulan page.

First information on the Star Trek: Praxis element of the Interim Years added to the Klingon page.

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