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March 2019.

Click here for the Spring Steam Gala on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. 10th March 2019.

Orion page gets a re-vamp. Have a look at the cartel nation of the Star Trek universe.

RAF page is updated with new images and data.

The Klingon culture page is updated with the new tajtIq from ST: Discovery season 2.

Romulan page is being reviewed and improved - look for a lot of new stuff here shorly. Version 2.0 is underway.

The Tholian and Gorn pages are to get extra treatment too on their psychology and Assembly. This year is the one I want to get the story and background pags revamped and uploaded.


New things on the website:-

The U.S.S. Excelsior page has been updated with behind-the-scenes images from the Voyager episode "Flashback". Also the first season on the ST: Excelsior mini series gets its eight episodes. The Interim Years have finally begun!

The Klingon fleet page is going through a re-vamp, especially in light of Star Trek: Discovery.

  • Click here for the Class 50 50th Anniversary on the Severn Valley Railway. 4th October 2018.

    Destination Star Trek in Birmingham hss new digital photographs for this site.

    The Tholian page has nrew information.

    The Ferasan page has new maps from the new ST: Stellar Cartography book 2.0.

  • Click here for the train trips down and back Leeds to Plymouth to see HMS Enterprise. Wednesday 25th July 2018.

    The Klingon page gets a heart...

    Bulleid page gets new pics of British India Line.

    After my visit to HMS Enterprise H88, the U.S.S. Enterprise-B page has been improved.

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