• 2301 - Demora Sulu becomes XO of the Enterprise-B. Aljeterius is officially renamed and commissioned as Starbase 77 after minimal administration facilities have been created. However, everyone still calls it Aljeterius and the "Starbase 77" title is regarded as a ridiculous joke by Starfleet rank and file. This is not due to Skallash’s bad leadership, just bureaucratic red tape, but Skallash hates the reputation his command has gained

    Commander Samuel Hunter of the starship Duncan defeats the Terix, a 'rogue' Romulan vessel that attacked a merchant convoy in the Gamma Hydra system in 2301. Unfortunately, the vessel self destructed before her crew could be questioned, and the motives for attacking a peaceful, non-military convoy remains a mystery.

    The Hydran Trade Guild is connected to a failed attempt to assassinate the Hydran King.

  • 2302 - Starships Dasher and Argyll captured an Orion Syndicate vessel in a special ops operation. After the ISC campaign wound down, the early 24th Century was marked by the increase in operations against piracy and Orion illegal activities in Federation space.

    Commander Robert Carter is reassigned to U.S.S. Albion. Nathaniel Hawkins is promoted to lieutenant and becomes the senior social sciences officer.

    Prototype U.S.S. Maguellanes NX-7400 modular cruiser Flight 0 proof of concept vessel completes construction and is commissioned into extended OT&E with Starfleet Division and then Saess'Tan.

    The Hydran King decrees against the Trade Guilds.

  • 2303 - Starfleet Intelligence receives data indicating the Klingons have had a number of colonies attacked in a coordinated effort. Further intelligence obtained discover that this attack is the work of the Sha'kurians.

    Analysis suggests the Sha'kurians are making use of the post-ISC situation and Klingon fleet rundown during the mid-Azetbur era. The 1st and 2nd main battle fleets are deployed to destroy the Sha'kurians.

    Trade Guild trial ends when sympathetic forces start a civil war.

    Prototype U.S.S. Maguellanes NX-7400 modular cruiser Flight 0 proof of concept vessel completes OT&E successfully and is cleared for class production.

  • 2304 - Stardate 11804.5 U.S.S. Montrose is sent to Nimbus III as a flag-showing exercise, following the terrorist atack on the city of New Terra - a Federation-sponsored city on Nimbus III. Amongst the Montrose crew is Commander Raekwon Okigbo and Lieutenant Nathaniel Hawkins. These officers would later become CO and XO respectively on the Miranda class U.S.S. Sheffield. Chancellor Azetbur gives an uncharacteristically militaristic speech - a justification for the annexing of Ch'ramak, which was formalised barely weeks later. Ambassador Koord is later assassinated, the identity of the assassin is not determined.

    The Sha'kurians are successfully defeated by the Klingons. Exact figures of losses are classified, however details leaked through sources suggest higher-than-expected casualty rates amongst the Klingons. Details suggest few wounded Klingons, the figures noting only mortalities.

    Reports suggest food supplies on agricultural worlds attacked by the Sha'kurians have had their crops destroyed by herbicides. Famine is a very real risk in the outer Klingon colonies. Reports also suggest water supplies have been poisoned in a similar manner. Later reports that come to light speak of crop failures and mysterious sudden deaths occurred before the initial Sha'kurian assault.

    The Hydran civil war ends after the Borak side with the Hydran King. Trade Guild power is put into check by the King and priests. The people were put first.

  • 2305 - The Federation offers aid convoys with food and medical supplies to the Klingon colonies affected by the famine caused by the Sha'kurian offensive of 2303-04. Medical ships including the Nightingale, Lister and brand-new Urbani are dispatched to assist. A complicated cocktail of poisons are discovered to have killed the crops and wildlife. The pure toxin residue is discovered to be lethal by contact or ingestion. The water systems also appear to have been similarly poisoned. The Klingons refer to their enemy as the "Sha'kurian Contamination"; this appears to be a rather apt title given the current discoveries.

    The Tholians actively cause border disputes with the Klingons, sensing weakness in the Azetbur regime.

    Jean-Luc Picard is born in Labarre, France.

    Nathaniel Hawkins is assigned to Oberth class U.S.S. Blazer as acting-operations officer. Captain An'il'taya feels this is the best move for Hawkins to progress his career. After 6 months on assignment, he is promoted to lieutenant commander and replaces Rangi Turoa as U.S.S. Montrose operations officer; Commander Turoa becomes executive officer. Former executive officer Raekwon Okigbo is promoted to captain of U.S.S. Sheffield.

    The Hydrans play down an isolated report of a Borak ship attacking a Hydran cruiser. Both sides bury the report in the cause of fostering amity.

  • 2306 - Stardate 12203.3, January 2306, Kronos One explodes in orbit over Ch'ramak. Despite initial fears, Chancellor Azetbur is unharmed, although several high ranking officers are amongst the dead. The evidence sugest it was sabotage. U.S.S. Courageous, Miranda class-Starfleet registry NCC 1879 was on border patrol along the former Klingon Neutral Zone, proximal driftward of the Klingon/Romulan border. Captain Ajen Viraxx was amongst the first to react to the news of the attack on Kronos One and supplied much of the data. Ilani served aboard the Courageous at this time. U.S.S. Fearless, Excelsior class NCC 14598 is launched.

    The Klingon Empire driftward sectors appear to have been attacked by the powerful force simply known as the Unknowns. The Starfleet medical ships from the poisoned colonies are safely escorted back to Federation space. As with prior attacks by this mysterious aggressor, the Klingons deploy significant battlefleets to meet the invaders. The recent Sha'kurian campaign had further weakened the Klingon forces. Starfleet Intelligence estimates over one third of available Klingon warships are deployed towards the region thought to be the border with the Unknowns.

    Reports from Starfleet Intelligence and the Klingon Empire speak of the Interstellar Concordium placing satellites and stations along their border. They appear at first glance to mirror those on the Federation and Klingon sides. Perhaps a sensor net to prevent vessels entering their space undetected.

    The Hydrans celebrate 10 years of liberation. A big emphasis is placed on co-operation, all sides and races of the Kingdom working together. The King reaches out to all sides: Borak, Trade Guild, priests and the public.

  • 2307 - Lyran Foremost and Enemys Blood clans start fighting guerilla warfare against each other. Minor warships get damaged with a couple seriously damaged/destroyed. The Emperor-king has pitched the two sides at each other deliberately.

    This in-fighting has allowed the Ferasan some breathing room in their own space. Ferasan have been petitioning the Federation to relax the terms of the Treaty of Sirius to allow them to enhance their defensive ship construction in light of beligerent Lyrans on their border. Starfleet has been peace-keeping along the border between the two powers, a potential political hot potato as the fleet could end up in the middle of a war.

    The Klingon campaign with the Unknowns enters a second year. As with previous encounters, casualty figures are significant. The Federation Council has re-affirmed the aid mission to Qo'noS, however the council also reiterated the Federation will remain neutral in Klingon political affairs.

    The Hydran King dies. The long-standing Crown Prince assumes the throne. Investigations state the King dies from natural causes.

    Starfleet and Klingon intelligence agencies are taken by surprise when their live feeds from Interstellar Concordium space suddenly went dead. The satellites and all stations activated and formed a giant 'subspace mirror' or sensor scrambler. All sensor data and communications are jammed from crossing; covert attempts (denied by all sides, naturally) failed to use booster probes behind the lines to pierce through. Despite their best efforts, Starfleet is now blind to ISC activity.

  • 2308 - Attacks within Caitian space are blamed on Ferasan sympathisers, although the evidence is inconclusive and may point towards the Lyrans as well. The Federation Council orders an investigation into whether this may have been a breach of the Treaty of Sirius, the findings are not definitive.

    Captain Hikaru Sulu and the U.S.S. Excelsior are missing and declared lost whilst exploring the Alpha Quadrant, close to the Tzenkethi border. Despite extensive searches by over a dozen starships, no sign of the ship or crew is found. Author's Note: This is from the novel One Constant Star by David R. George III.

    The Klingon situation is further complicated by an opportunistic attack by the Tholians on their side of the Klingon Empire. The Klingon battlefleets are stretched as they are forced to fight on two fronts simultaneously. The signs from monitoring stations and other assets suggest the Klingons are winning the campaign with the Unknowns. This new phase of the conflict allows the Klingons to resolve the Tholian border aggression.

    With the cessation of hostilities on both borders, the Klingons enter a phase of rebuilding their war fleet. Warships severly damaged are cannibalised to rebuild the rest of the fleet. New warships are planned, however the Empire currently lacks the resources to progress these projects very quickly.

    First batch of nine (9) additional Maguellanes-class modular cruisers enter active duty.

    U.S.S. Fearless assigned to Sector 16 to patrol newly established "Nirophian Corridor". Commander Skallash has managed to steadily if slowly upgrade Starbase 77 so that it is a proper operational starbase now, but the stigma still remains. Author's Note: This is the premise behind Andrew Brown's new ST: Fearless Interim Years prequel stories.

  • 2309 - Kaarg defeats a Tholian incursion into Klingon space. Author's Note: mentioned in David R George III's 'Serpents Among the Ruins'. Federation ships explore the Indri system near Caere. The eighth planet is L-class, with deciduous vegitation but no animal life.

    Gateway Colony, the Federation immigration colony, has extensive rioting from refugees and asylum seekers claiming the colony is too small for the numbers of people there. The facilities are in a continual state of expansion to cater for the ever-increasing influx of refugees. The site doubles in size within less than a decade and is currently a hot topic in the Federation Council debates, often appearing in Federation News Service news documentaries.

    The rioting claims lives and improvements are promised but the FNS documentaries show there is still widespread corruption, blackmarketeering and other dubious activities within the colony.

  • 2310 - Admiral Matthew Tovey on his flagship USS Hood commit forces to the Lyran/Ferasan border to quell growing incursions by the Lyrans. Part of the Treaty of Sirius demilitarises the Ferasan on the assurance of Starfleet enforcement of the no-go zone between the two powers. The Hood and Ocean task group achieves its aims and the Red Claw clan are deterred from crossing the border.

    Terrorist attacks in Federation space are blamed locally on the Jindarians, who claim they have traditional rights to roam into areas now recognised as Federation space. Frigates have intercepted these caravans, fuelling local speculation of the 'Jindies' bombing the local colonies in response.

    Starfleet Intelligence has evidence suggesting the attacks may be the work of the Ch'ramaki; an extremist element of the resistance force has blamed Federation apathy and Klingon appeasement on their home world still being occupied a quarter of a century later.

    The Klingon colonies attacked by the Sha'kurians and poisoned are attacked once more by the toxic race. Apparently not all of the Sha'kurians were killed and the survivors were able to lay eggs in water supplies. This spawn has now grown into an army once more and those worlds have suffered casualties. General Kaarg is sent to eradicate the Contamination once and for all from the colonies.

    The Sha'kurian second attack is stopped successfully by General Kaarg. However, there is now severe unrest in the outer colonies of the Klingon Empire due to food shortages and the almost constant raids by invading races. Starfleet Intelligence predicts many of these Klingon colonies may declare independence in the face of the weakening hold of their masters.

    General Gorak crushes the uprising on Klingon border worlds. Ditagh is introduced as the aide to Klingon Ambassador Kage
    Author's Note: mentioned in David R George III's 'Serpents Among the Ruins'.

  • 2311 - Commodore Maxwell Buckingham is brought in to officially transfer the 2nd Fleet's command to the fully equipped and operational Starbase 77, and to restore the base's heavily tarnished image. February: the Tomed Incident. April: the signing of the Treaty of Algeron. 11th May: final 'official' contact with the Romulans for 53 years, 7 months, 8 days until 18 December 2364. Romulans withdraw into isolation. U.S.S. Enterprise-B visits Starbase 77 for scientific equipment installation.

    Author's Notes: This isolation will last for 53 years. This event is covered in the second 'Lost Era' novel by David R. George III 'Serpents Among The Ruins'. The fate of Klingon Chancellor Azetbur is also revealed in this book. Keith R A DiCandido's thoughts on General Kerla's fate: 'I was surprised that David didn't use Kerla, but given the amount of time that passed between THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY and SERPENTS AMONG THE RUINS, and given how much difficulty Azetbur would've gone through in that time, my guess is that Kerla died some time between 2293 and 2311 defending his chancellor.' When I emailed David R George III, he replied 'I don't exactly recall how I made the decision not to include Kerla in Serpents, and because neither his nor Ditagh's earlier history were needed for my tale, I didn't map out anything in that regard. For your fan fiction, I suppose you should feel free to make your own decisions about the characters.' I guess the future is free to be mapped. I just hope I do both David and Keith proud with the finished story.

    Stardate 13397.3 [26th December 2311] - the aftermath of the Tomed Incident sees a change in leadership for the Klingon Empire. Chancellor Azetbur is challenged by General Gorak. Both Gorak and Azetbur die from their injuries and the High Council must choose a successor. Captain Raekwon Okigbo and the U.S.S. Hood are in the vicinity and awake to this change early on.

    Author's Notes: Starting event of Star Trek: The Interim Years.

  • 2312 - Modified Cochrane Unit [MCU] warp scale replaces the Original Cochrane Unit [OCU] scale in Starfleet. [As mentioned in the Starship Spotter].

    In light of the rapidly evolving situation with the Klingons, Hydrans and Lyrans, Commander Nathaniel Hawkins is promoted to Captain and assigned to Miranda class U.S.S. Sheffield.

    Stardate 13447.5, U.S.S. Chantho - an Oberth Class vessel - on a mission for the archaeological study of planet PPB-318 discovers the remains of a Taubat colony. The exact age of the colony cannot be locked down to anything better than within the last 20 years. Either way, this confirms that the Taubat expanded beyond the Tabula Rasa systems that entrapped the remainder beforehand or that the Taubat escaped before the Tabula Rasa systems were pushed back into their subspace pocket. Starfleet Command authorises the reinforcement of Starbase 77 as a forward-deployed element of the Second Fleet. There are also early talks of reviving the Ninth fleet. Ark Royal class U.S.S. Glorious and Ocean are deployed to SB 77 with U.S.S. Hood assigned as flagship.

    Stardate 13487.5 - Vessels of Sectors 16443 and 16447 assemble at Starbase 77 to welcome the new sector commander - Commodore Maxwell Buckingham. Amongst those starships assembled [the task group is sometimes referred to as 'Force H' for historical reasons] are flagship U.S.S. Albion, Excelsior class, and U.S.S. Sheffield.

    Stardate 13489.5, Okinawa class U.S.S. Falkland, NCC 2309, diverted from the Churchill system to investigate a theft of intellectual property from the Dharma Initiative. Sister ship U.S.S. Interceptor joins the hunt for the thieves. With the ship too far ahead for either ship to catch, Starfleet guides the Sheffield to intercept.

    Stardate 13490 [15th June 2312] is the starting point for the Sheffield mission. Hawkins briefs his senior staff on the first part of the mission - a journey to Nimbus III. The Sheffield arrives at Nimbus III on Stardate 13501.5.

    A Klingon B'rel class Bird of Prey is sent to the Ferasan homeworld. This cements a trade agreement between the two empires and renders the Treaty of Sirius obsolete. General Klaa, failed competitor for the role of Chancellor, is given the role of Chief of Staff. Kaarg orders the Klingon main battlefleet readied for war. On Lyrantan, homworld of ther Lyran Star Empire, King Raa’zzark VI chews out the Klingon ambassador, Kyrox, about the new treaty with the Ferasan.

    Stardate 13497.2 Okinawa class U.S.S. Egret, is sent to intercept a Jindarian ship headed for a restricted mine holding owned by Tagruato Corp. The Egret is attacked by the Jindarians. This incident highlights the Jindarian disregard for political borders and their culture of roaming wherever they please. The Federation News Service runs a series of articles about the tensions caused by the Jindarian behaviour, causing discomfort for the Federation president and the council.

    IKS Do‘Ha‘, a Suspicious class scout-frigate just beyond the Klingon border near the T’Dakka system, known as the Demons Rift is scouting for new minerals for the Klingon Empire. The Do'Ha' is attacked by a vessel of the Holy Order of the Kinshaya.

    Skagmark: a major industrial world in the Enemy’s Blood Duchy of the Lyran Star Empire, and the bird of prey of Ambassador Kyrox visits Archduke Fzzrrt III. The ambassador drops hints at the Empire potentially supporting the Clan in return for them supporting Chancellor Kaarg in rebuilding their Coalition. As an incentive, Kyrox delivers the message that the Klingon Chancellor wishes to retake the Hydran Kingdom.

    Starfleet medical response team on Nimbus III discovers an extant device belonging to the Interstellar Concordium (ISC). After an examination by specialists, the device is discovered to be a communications relay device. Theorists initially speculated this was a relic from the ISC War of Pacification; later more detailed analysis suggests this was relaying information from the resident races on Nimbus III into ISC space. The purpose of this, it is believed, was to keep the ISC ahead of the allied forces during the run up from surrender to the signing of the Armistice. The ISC were ahead all the time. The device was believed to still be relaying information right up to being disconnected.

    Bolmark, Red Claw duchy in the Lyran Star Empire is the next port of call for Ambassador Kyrox. This builds upon the earlier meetings to unify the Lyrans, paving the way for potentialy replacing the Emperor-king.

    Degomark in the Far Stars duchy is the final port of call for the U.S.S. Fearless before visiting the Lyran Democratic Republic. During this visit she is urgently called away to a distress call from the Hydran ship Sovereign.

    The Hydran Crown Prince takes the dreadnought Sovereign to Nimbus III. En route, the ship is attacked by Lyran forces masquerading in Klingon vessels. The U.S.S. Fearless is deployed to rescue and escort the Crown Prince to Nimbus III. Ambassador St. John Talbot later confronts the Hydran Crown Prince on this incident, noting that the Hydrans knew that the Fearless was within range and that they would intervene.

    On Demorak, capital world of the Lyran Democratic Republic, the departure of the U.S.S. Fearless allowed Chairman Miow to meet with an Orion trader bringing a mysterious visitor. This was the final meeting before the launch of what was later referred to as the 'Grey Revolution'.

    On Gornar, the home world of the Gorn Hegemony, the king deploys a fleet of scout ships, their destination unknown.

    Author's Notes: Year One of Star Trek: The Interim Years. Events to be fleshed out in The Great Game..

  • 2313 - U.S.S. Hood visits the Klingon Empire for the first time since Chancellor Kaarg attained power. President Aowr Sh'ghee is onboar for a meeting with Chancellor Kaarg. Given the swift and severe deterioration in relations between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, the President believes only a face-to-face talk between the two leaders will produce results.

    The 'Grey Revolution' sweeps across the Lyran Star Empire. Starfleet deploys extra intelligence-gathering assets to assess what this political tsunami might mean for the Beta Quadrant. Starships Fearless and Albion observe and offer humanitarian aid where they can. Hospital ships are on standby.

    The Peladine Republic returns 'home' to the Far Stars clan region of the Lyran Star Empire. The Lyran Emperor-King deploys the Golden Fleet between trying to stop the invaders and oppose the revolutionaries at the same time.

    Chancellor Kaarg persists with his offensive with the Hydran Kingdom despite the Lyran fleet being preoccupied elsewhere. This stalls the Klingons in the face of joint Hydran and Borak resistence.

    Phantom class U.S.S. Ghoul reports battle activity in the WYN cluster region. Early indications are that the Lyrans have attacked and finally cleared out this political Sword of Damocles.

    The trade agreement with the Ferasan is used as political ammunition against the Lyran royal family by Chairman Miow. Red Claw clan persuades the Enemy's Blood clan population of the benefits of joining the revolution.

    The Lyran Emperor-king considers using Klingon military assistance to quell the revolution. At this stage it is left as a last resort as this might just push the population further into the hands of the revolution.

    Klingon scout vessels in the Far Stars region of the Lyran Star Empire are forced to scale back their search for new resources for the Klingon Empire - as the Peladine fleet makes headway into Lyran space. After the destruction of Klingon warships by forces loyal to the Lyran Democratic Republic, Chancellor Kaarg holds a meeting which authorises the use of Klingon warships in Lyran space.

    Author's Notes: Year Two of Star Trek: The Interim Years. Events to be fleshed out in loDnI' wejDIch (The Third Brother)..

  • 2314 - USS Sheffield is escorted into ISC space, following up work pioneered by the Repulse and Saratoga.

    Klingon Defence Force warships in Lyran space help to secure the Far Stars Duchy. Whilst the Lyran Archdukes and Dukes fight for succession in the vacuum created by the death of the King, the Klingons have decided to act to suppport the 'legitimate Lyran government' and to stabilise their Coalition partner and neighbour.

    Starfleet pulls the last remaining elements of the Ferasan De-Militarised Zone Force out from Ferasan border space. Starfleet maintains a presence, along its own border, of intelligence and fast-response assets. The terms of the Klingon-Ferasan Trade Agreement are for the withdrawal of Starfleet assets from the Ferasan border, Starbase 25 remained with assets kept in Federation space.

    Author's Notes: Year three of Star Trek: The Interim Years. Events to be fleshed out in Dark Twin.

  • 2315 - The aftermath of the Grey Revolution. Ambassador Ditagh makes his first moves towards power with moves involving the Lyrans and Ferasans.

    The former Lyran Star Empire renegotiates borders between the Star Empire and the Republic, negotiated by Ambassador Ditagh. Ditagh realises that the Klingon Defence Force is overstretched in both Hydran and Lyran space. Eight years of the fleet recovering to full strength still left the force rusty from the legacy of Azetbur. The Lyran Democratic Republic was too powerful at this point to be destroyed and both sides had fought to a standstill. Even the tactical assault on Demorak itself had failed to bring down the Republic in a revolution that now had a momentum of its own.

    Klingon Chancellor Kaarg officially describes the installation of former Ambassador Kyrox as Govenor as an 'interim measure to support the legitimate Lyran government in the aftermath of the civil war'. Both Starfleet Intelligence and Starfleet Command are not fooled by the diplomatic language. The decapitation of the senior Lyran royalty has left the Star Empire with no definate successor and the Klingons finally in the position to overthrow the undefeatable neighbour they were forced to call 'coalition partners'.

    Rachel Garrett graduates from Starfleet Academy, a history and diplomacy specialist. Her first assignment is the U.S.S. Endeavour, Constitution class. Patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone border - which is still a mysterious, dangerous place after the Tomed Incident, four years before.

    Author's Note: Taken from 'Art of The Impossible' by Keith R A DiCandido and 'Well of Souls' by Ilsa J Blick. Specialisations and first assignment is taken from story 'Hour of Fire' by Robert Greenberger in the 'Enterprise Logs' novel.

    Author's Notes: Year four of Star Trek: The Interim Years. Events to be fleshed out in Kingdoms and Empires.

  • 2316 - Tholians, Taubat, dimensional portals, Gorn fighting, Klingons fighting and the Beta Quadrant map gets re-drawn.

    Lieutenant [j.g.] Rachel Garrett assigned to the U.S.S. Argos. She first meets her future husband Ven Kaldarren, part of the Betazoid delegation of xenoarcheologists being transported to a Federation Archeology Council symposium on Rigel III.

    Author's Note: Assignment from Ilsa J Blick's 'Well of Souls'.

    Author's Notes: Year five of Star Trek: The Interim Years. Events to be fleshed out in Return of the Ancients.

  • 2317 - The new Klingon Empire resurgent; New coalitions and the Rise of Ditagh.
    Author's Notes: Year six of Star Trek: The Interim Years. Events to be fleshed out in New World Order.

  • 2319 - Captain Jameson of the U.S.S. Gettysburg resolves a hostage situation on Mordan IV. Multiplex pattern buffer sees an end to Transporter Psychosis.

  • 2323 - Stardate 15604.5 - Cadet Jean-Luc Picard enters Starfleet Academy. Chancellor Ditagh succeeds Chancellor Kaarg as the Klingon leader.

    Authors notes: Taken from an email from Keith R A DiCandido - 'FWIW, David and I worked out Kaarg's death as being in 2323, but there was no need to use that in either of our stories.'

  • 2327 - Ensign Jean-Luc Picard graduates as Class Valedictorian from Starfleet Academy.

    Leonard McCoy is promoted to Admiral. Author's Note: It is not known if this refers to flag rank in general, or the specific rank of 'Admiral'. Reclusive Cardassians visit Vulcan and petition for Federation trade benefits, one of many races present at the Vulcan conference. Ambassador Spock publically opposes his father's views on the secretive Cardassians, seeing them rather like the 2290's Klingons - needing to be engaged in dialogue - and opposing the isolationist/rejectionist attitudes shown elsewhere.

    Cardassians later found to have sabotaged a meeting between the Legarans and Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan. Author's note: taken from Wildstorm/DC Comics graphic novel 'Enter the Wolves', date taken from Keith R A DiCandido's Lost Era novel 'Art of the Impossible'.

  • 2328 - Miranda class U.S.S. Carthage under Captain Vance Haden with Commander Rachel Garrett, Lieutenant Ian Troi and Ambassador Curzon Dax initiate negotiations between the Klingons and the Cardassians over the Betreka Nebula world of Raknal V. Author's note: from Keith R A DiCandido's novel 'Art of the Impossible'.

  • 2329 - U.S.S. Enterprise-B under Captain Tomas Johnson jr is lost under unknown circumstances. Last information received suggests the crew succumned to a plague. Author's Note: taken from Haynes Manual of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Isolinear chip technology replaces duotronic enhancer systems aboard Starfleet vessels. U.S.S. Ambassador, NX 10521, is launched from Utopia Planitia fleet yards. Ambassador represents the next generation of starship and will eventually replace the Excelsior class in the front-line roles. The shakedown is now planned, with the second ship, NCC 10532 U.S.S. Horatio, already at an advanced stage of construction. Author's Note: Date is conjecture based on the introduction of isolinear chip technology simultaneously.

  • 2331 - Renegade pirate known simply as the 'White Wolf' begins to pirate Federation commercial vessels, hiding in the Beta Barritus lazurus star system in order to elude capture. The 'White Wolf' evades such starships as the Mongoose, the Leningrad, the Christopher and even the legendary Cochise. Author's note: from M. J. Friedman's novel 'Gauntlet'.

  • 2332 - Captain Rachel Garrett assumes command of the new Starship Enterprise-C.
    Author's Note: taken from 'Well of Souls' by Ilsa J Blick.

  • 2333 - Jean-Luc Picard takes command of the U.S.S. Stargazer after Captain Daithan Ruhalter is killed. He is later awarded command of the ship by Admiral Mehdi for his skills. [ Author's Note: From M. J. Friedman's novel 'The Valiant'.] Picard's first mission is to go from Starbase 32 and captured a pirate known as the White Wolf [ From M.J. Friedman's novel ST: Stargazer book 1, 'Gauntlet'.]

    Donald Varley is the second officer of the U.S.S. Invincible. Varley, once a fast-track officer, has fallen behind after offending a superior officer. Bolian officer Shalay is the second officer aboard the prototype U.S.S. New Orleans. [Author's Notes: from ST: Stargazer novel book 2, 'Progenitor' by Michael Jan Friedman. By this time, U.S.S. Copernicus, NCC 640, Oberth class, is an Academy trainer [much in the same vein as U.S.S. Uganda 40 years earlier. Also taken from the ST: Stargazer book #1 'Gauntlet' by M. J. Friedman].

    Captain Picard travels to the colony of Oblivion to get information on the Ubarrak, to break the three-way dead-lock between the Ubarrak, Cardassians and Federation. Picard meets the El-Aurian Guinan here.
    Author's Notes: Taken from Michael Jan Friedman's Stargazer novel #4 'Oblivion'.

  • 2334 - Klingon Chancellor Ditagh dies and is succeeded by Chancellor Kravokh, who is determine to win back the planet Raknal V.
    Author's Note: taken from 'Art of the Impossible' by Keith R A DiCandido.

  • 2338 - An android called Data is discovered by the U.S.S. Tripoli on the planet of Omicron Theta.

  • 2343 - Lieutenant Commander Ian Troi is killed on Raknal V.
    Author's Note: taken from 'Art of the Impossible' by Keith R A DiCandido.

  • 2344 - U.S.S. Enterprise-C is lost with all hands defending the Klingon outpost of Nerendra III from Romulans.
    Author's Note: taken from 'Vulcan's Heart' by Joseph Sherman and Susan Shwartz.

  • 2346 - Khitomer is attacked by the Romulans. The U.S.S. Intrepid responds to the distress call, finding two Klingon survivors: Worf and his nursemaid Kahlest. The wounded are treated at Starbase 24.

    Raknal V situation is resolved finally and Klingon Chancellor Kravokh is succeeded by Chancellor K'mpec.
    Author's Note: taken from 'Art of the Impossible' by Keith R A DiCandido.

  • 2347 - Cardassians attack the outpost of Setlik III, triggering the long-running Cardassian border wars.

  • 2352 - The Klingons finally sign a peace treaty with the Federation.

  • 2353 - Tholians attack and destroy Starbase 311. The only survivor is Starfleet civilian adviser, Kyle Riker.
    Author's Note: Taken from Jeff Mariotte's Lost Era novel 'Deny Thy Father'.

  • 2357 - Federation outpost at Galen IV is destroyed by Talarians during their border conflict.

  • 2358 - Experimental Oberth class starship U.S.S. Pegasus is lost. A mutiny is reported onboard before the loss.

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